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 The idea for Sew Creative VT sprung out of COVID-19 necessity.  With all the restrictions brought on by the pandemic, I needed to find something to occupy my time.  I have always loved sewing, so I decided to try and create some comfortable masks for my family.


We showed our friends and they loved the masks and asked

me to make some for their families.  They told others and

news quickly spread in our small community. Everyone

liked my masks so much that people from nearby

communities started calling.  Soon, I had to recruit the

help of my husband and kids to meet the demand!


I enjoyed making the masks so much that I started

creating other items.  Sewing has always been great

therapy for me, and is a wonderful stress reducer. 

As we all know, this virus has brought on a lot of stress! 


Sew Creative VT started as a way to keep my family safe during these unprecedented times. It has grown into more than I could have ever imagined.


I hope you enjoy my collection. Each piece is handmade with love in northern Vermont.



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